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DellaLo' Milano

Diana Skirt

Diana Skirt

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The two side tears make the Diana skirt very light and dynamic.

Composition: PA 100% - PA80% EA 20%

Materials: Georgette and warp knit fabric

Available in the following color variants: 

  • CA22014-1 Rosè G09
  • CA22014-2 Silk G01
  • CA22014-3 Abano G08
  • CA22014-4 Nero G13
  • CA22014-5 Argento G17
  • CA22014-6 Salvia G16
  • CA22014-7 Blu Notte G22
  • CA22014-8 Bordeaux G31
  • CA22014-9 Atlantic G23
  • CA22014-10 Cacao G05
  • CA22014-11 Vinaccia G18
  • CA22014-12 Bottiglia G12
  • CA22014-13 Avio G28
  • CA22014-14 Ardesia G14
  • CA22014-15 Snob G46
  • CA22014-16 Prugna G21
  • CA22014-17 Acqua G37
  • CA22014-18 Lusso G49
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