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DellaLo' Milano



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A great combination of simplicity and charm. The minimal and sophisticated design is expressed through the delicate “cup sleeves” whose shape is emphasized by the viscose lace texture.

The fine line of the bust is highlighted by the rounded under breast cut.
Both the wide U shape neckline and lace 
transparency give to the back a unique elegance.

Materials: Warp knit fabric and viscose lace

Composition: Bottom: PA 80% EA 20% Top: PA 60% VI 30% EA 10%

Available in the following color variants:

CD22060-1 Cacao - L05+L14+PV05

CD22060-2 Rosè - L09+L55+PV09

CD22060-3 Avio - L28+L37+PV28

CD22060-4 Vinaccia - L18+L17+PV18


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