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DellaLo' Milano

Olimpia GL

Olimpia GL

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Olimpia is an expression of pure femininity. The idea is to create the effect of a soft shirt by providing a great fitting at the same time. The triple layered corset envelops the body in contrast with the softness of the top part. This peculiar manufacture is commonly used in the fashion production. The pinch enhances the décolleté by drawing rays on the fabric. The sleeves are made as if they leaned on the shoulders and the thin trimming highlights the “drop” opening. The back is embellished by the tulle’s intersection finished with a thin trimming in dark color. 

Materials: Warp knit fabric and tulle

Composition: BottomRecycled PA 78% EA 22% TopRecycled PA 71% EA 29%

Available in the following color variants: 

CD22077-1 Paradiso - L36+TP11+TP17

CD22077-2 Salvia - L16+TP11+TP21

CD22077-3 Illusion - L58+TP11+TP23

CD22077-4 Snob - L46+TP11+TP18

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