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DellaLo' Milano

Venere GL

Venere GL

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Inspired by oriental fashion style, Venere leotard is created to let each dancer shine. The enchanting detail is represented by the wide and soft sleeves which end with the exclusive wristband embroidered with the DellaLo’ daisy. The décolleté line is enriched with the V shape neckline with the characteristic crimp in the middle. The most elegant touch is represented by the  plissé on the back that creates small triangles as a “frame” of the neckline.

Materials: Warp knit fabric, tulle and DellaLo’ cuff

Composition: BottomPA 80% EA 20% TopPA 82% EA 18%

Available in the following color variants: 

CD22075-1 Ardesia - L14+L55+TP24+C22+TRD33

CD22075-2 Nero - L13+L49+TP11+C25+TRD3

CD22075-3 Bottiglia - L12+L46+TP21+C24+TRD35

CD22075-4 Magnete - L44+L56+TP23+C23+TRD36

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