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DellaLo' Milano

Irene CL

Irene CL

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This design is the result of the perfect combination of dynamism and romantic style. The dynamism is provided by the roundness of the lines and the lateral overlapping of the tulle fabric, which creates a particularly sinuous effect on the waist. The piping trim embellishes this design, which is reminiscent of a fitted blouse open at the front. The romantic detail is found in the three bows at the back which emphasise the particular shape of the neckline at the back. 

Materials: Warp knit fabric and tulle 

Bottom: PA (rc) 78% EA 22% Top: PA (rc) 71% EA 29% 

Available in the following color variants:  

CD23071-1 Scotland - L59R+TP21R+L57R 

CD23071-2 Vigneto - L63R+TP18R+L43

CD23071-3 Addict - L57R+TP14R+L29

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