About Us

Applause Ballet has been in business since 2001, and our staff, with 30 years of stage experience, consistently pioneer brands and selects products. Until now, we have only had a Japanese audience, but due to requests from overseas customers, we launched an English site as of August 2022.

This site mainly introduces brands from overseas, and many of our products are available for pre-order.

In the 2000s, dance-wear was apparelized in the US, aka, mass produced. It was common to see people wearing similar clothes in dance studios. This is the so-called "wearing" phenomenon. Dancers are artists, so they seek originality. Ballet wear is also a form of expression, so naturally, there were people who wanted something more unique.

Here, we would like to explain the "3 reasons for pre-ordering".


To ensure that you get the style, color, and size of your preference:

Finding a garment you like at a physical store but not finding the size that suits you can be a hassle. At Applause Ballet, we order directly from the manufacturer to ensure that your needs are fulfilled.


Focus on Sustainability:

Conventional "mass-produced goods" are often discarded. With make-to-order, manufacturers can make only what they need, eliminating the potential of waste.


Always Providing New Information:

Because Applause Ballet is based on the West Coast of the United States, we have easy access to the latest information from around the world. We deliver this information quickly through our newsletters.


We hope you enjoy shopping with us.