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DellaLo' Milano

Venere CL

Venere CL

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The model of this dance leotard is designed to elegantly enhance the décolleté with the deep V-neckline ending in a precious pinces. The deep U-shape on the back creates a sinuous line that follows the cup sleeves, while the trim on the belly and back supports and slims the body shape.

Materials: Warp knit fabric and DellaLo’ Lace
Bottom: PA 80% EA 20% - PA (rc) 78% EA 22% - Top: PA 85% EA 10% VI 5%

Available in the following color variants:
CD24079-1 Vapore - L43+L55+PD43
CD24079-2 Rosè - L09+L17+PD09
CD24079-3 Supernatural - L65+L13R+PD65
CD24079-4 Zenith - L62+L05+PD62

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